How to Plan your wedding

Newly engaged couples, where do you start planning the wedding of your dreams? We have helped plan over 300 weddings during the last 10 years.

When planning a wedding, you can start by considering:

  • Budget: How much can you afford? Will you have any help from family?
  • Guest list: The more guests the more expensive the wedding. Larger weddings will need a larger venue and you will need to feed all the guests.
  • Venue: The tone of the wedding is set by the type of venue. Some venues book up quickly so start booking your tours. Consider local wedding venues that are on private property and are more secure than corporate wedding venues. Local venues are small businesses and offer a more personal experience. You need the venue booked with the date before you can hire other vendors.

Choose a venue that includes tables, chairs, linens, DJ, housing onsite and decor to save money.

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