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One of our many pleased customers said:

“After viewing many venues we choose Barn at Blueberry Hill not only because it was beautiful but because of Sandra who runs the venue. You won’t go wrong booking this venue.” 

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667 Bert Cockerham Rd

Elkin, NC 28621

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The barn was completed in 1949 and was used by my grandparents Rufus and Ada Edmonds for a dairy.  The finished the barn 2 years before finishing the house.  They lived in a 3 room cabin with 6 children while building the barn and house.    I fondly remember going to the barn as a child to watch my Grandma Ada milk.  I was amazed by her skill and speed, I never really got the hang of milking.  The barn was built by my Grandpa Rufus, Uncle Gene and Uncle Harlow with friends and neighbors helping.  One of my Uncle Gene’s friends Jap Cook was there through out the 2 years of building.  The foundations are made of hand poured concrete and filled with field rock.  The joists are solid oak from the farm.  The gambrel style roof in the loft is 20 feet tall which allowed for years of storing hay and grain crops.  The loft area is 2000 sq feet.  The barn has 4 different levels.  The entry housed Grandpa’s shop and the horse stalls.   The middle level was storage for more hay.  The lower level is where the milking was done.  The hay trolley and hook is still in the center of the loft ceiling.

My parents Royce and Eloise Edmonds Wall bought the farm which included the barn in 1975.  My husband JR and I bought the house that same year.  The barn was then used to store hay and equipment over the next 35 years.  We started cleaning out the barn 2 years ago, there was a lot of stuff accumulated  the past 60+ years.

In 2013 my parents allowed us to restore the barn and the process started.  My entire family is excited that the barn is going to be used for happy occasions.  We plan on having weddings, reunions and parties.  Come by and see us!

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