FAQs-Barn at Blueberry Hill

What is the barn capacity?    200

How can we use the patio space?     The pation can be used for seating, cocktail hour, dancing or table space.  It does not have a roof and we are unable to place a tent over the area

Will there be another wedding the same day?   There is only one event booked per day at the barn.

Are there overnight accommodations nearby?   There is a Hampton Inn 2 miles from the barn.

Do we have to use the caterer, DJ, baker, photographer, etc. that you choose?  Here at the barn we give you the flexibility to choose all your favorite things for your big day.

What is the clean up process?     The Barn at Blueberry Hill will handle all standard clean up and trash removal throughout and following the wedding reception.

Do you have an onsite kitchen?    We do not have a full kitchen at the barn.  Please inform your caterer that the food will need to arrive hot.  You are welcome to grill at the barn.  We do have a refrigerator, sink and dishwasher.

Do you provide table linens, glassware and flatware?  In an effort to go green we do have over 200 mason jars for drinking, 200 sets of flatware and drink dispensers at the barn.  We do you request that you use these instead of bottles and cans.We do have table lines in a variety of colors for 20 round tables.  We also provide linens for long table to use on the buffet, gift, dessert tables, etc.

If we plan to have our ceremony offsite, does your fee change?  Since we only do one event per day the fee remains the same.

Can I have alcohol at my event?  We do not have an ABC permit but you are welcome to bring beer and wine.   A bartender is required if alcohol is served.  I do have a kegerator and request that you bring kegs instead of cans and bottles.