Wedding Timeline

It is important to have a timeline for your wedding.  Remeber you have worked hard to have the perfiect day and you know what is happening but your guests do not.   Plan for your guests to have something to do while waiting for you to have those once in a lifetime pictures,  Games, cocktail hour, popcorn bar, music are some ideas and you might want to use them all.  At Blueberry Hill we want your wedding to be fun and memorable.  An example of a wedding timeline might be.

5:00 Ceremony

5:30 Happy Hour-make sure your guests have something to drink and eat during this time, set out games and provide music

6:15 Bride and Groom announced with wedding party and first dances

6:30 Meal is served; Bride and Groom you need to be first, play conversation friendly background music during the meal.  Make sure your caterer has enough wait staff to clear the dinner dishes, no one wants to party with dirty dishes on the tables.

7-7:30 Cake is cut and toasting

8:00 Dance the night away

10:00 Send Off

Remember to have fun and don’t stress the small stuff.  Your timeline might not go exactly as scheduled but at least your guests will have an idea of what to expect.  Also you need to look at the time of sunset on your wedding day and plan the time of your ceremony so you will have some night pictures.63935_10203674667363711_3245067347083122183_n lauren36